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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 16, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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on the peninsula after an apartment building fire in burlingame. investigators are trying to find out what sparked a 300-acre wildfire in sunol as firefighters prepare for a busy weekend. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. it could be a very busy weekend for firefighters, partly because of the weather. let's check that right now. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> take a look at this view. you notice how hazy and nothing guy it is. that's why there's a spare the air day today. we are looking at a critical red flag fire area in some areas. take a look at antioch. 75. 64 livermore with 54 in the city. so with numbers already above where we were yesterday morning, we are looking at relative humidity continuing to plummet today into the single digits. so wind gusts are common, 30 to 40 miles an hour with higher elevations from lake county to sonoma, napa and marin county,
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anywhere from 15 to 30 miles an hour. so we definitely have to watch out today because the numbers in the 50s and 60s by noontime, 70s and 80s with the hottest day of the year perhaps in the inland valley today, over 100 degrees. but still comfortable at our beaches. it's a one-day event. i'll tell you how much cool tell be tomorrow. terry. >> thank you very much. new this morning, dozens of people are burned out of their homes right now after an apartment fire in burlingame is destroyed three units and dammed another. the call came in as a grease fire just after 11:00 last night. fire crews arrived to find several third floor apartments in flames. the fire was knocked down in about an hour. there are no injuries. this morning the red cross is helping 4 displaced residents. fire investigators are still trying to determine how the fire got started and spread so quickly.
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those are also questions this morning either of fremont where fire crews of keeping watch on the welch fire. they are investigating how the 300-acre wildfire in the sunol regional wilderness got started yesterday afternoon. the fire was 90% contained late last night, but the crews won't declare if fully under control daylight. >> reporter: more than 200 firefighters, supported by helicopters and fixed wing aircraft fought flames, eat and flames here. as you see from sky 7hd, the flames rapidly consumed the dry brush and grasses on the hillside. five fire agencies, including the department of corrections, were on hand. >> we hit it hard with a lot of resources. we also with the heat that we've been experiencing, and will be experiencing, we wanted to throw a lot of resources at it quickly to try to done taken it. >> in this is the kind of dry grassland that could have caused the fire to on more than 1,000 acres according to firefighters. john, who raises his cattle on the land which is owned by the
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san francisco water district, came by to check on the damage. >> we just need to go find out how far back it burned and if we need to fix fence or has it damaged water facilities or what. >> a little more than 300 acres were charred. no homes or structured were threatened. fire danger in the bay area hills is high. a fire broke out in marin county just after red flag warnings were put out. the fire chief said if the winds were a concern there, there will be a problem here. >> within marin county the winds don't know when to stop. if they are in the bay area the winds will potentially surface, maybe not to the red flag potential, but they will be increasing. >> the fire began on the grass about ten feet off the road. cal fire investigators placed flag markers around the charred area in an effort to determine exactly how the fire started. fire investigators will not say whether the fire was suspicious
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or not until they analyze all the evidence. abc7 news. >> stunning new information this morning about that fire that disrupted bart service thursday. a night watch man said he was forced at gunpoint to leave that building where the fire broke out. that's according to our media partner the oakland tribune. the paper is reporting the security guard was surprised by three men just before the fire started about 2:00 a.m. in a senior citizen home under construction. building inspector and two atf agents entered the burned-out building yesterday to determine if it is safe enough for an investigation to begin into the cause of that fire. there are parts that possibly could collapse inside so the building engineer is just going to come and reassess the situation, make sure what parts are actually safe and unsafe for the investigators to go inside. >> the police have not confirmed the night watch man's story. investigators are look for suspects in video caught by bart security cameras. >> in rodeo right now the problem is not fire, it's water.
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there is a ruptured water tank that released a bad odor into the air. a smell of rotten eggs went through rodeo yesterday. the refinery officials expect a rupture will be sealed by this afternoon. they expect the rupture to be sealed by sometime this afternoon. a a health advisory was issued #* warning people with breathing problems to stay indoors. right now in oakland parents are camped out on one of several school campuses trying to prevent them from being shut down in a cost cutting move. abc7 news reporter john austin reports on the occupation of the lakeview elementary school. >> as the sun went down the tents went up at the school with some parents and their children hoping to make a statement. >> wanting to come down and speak out against what's going on in oakland and i want everyone in oakland and across the nation know that this is going to stop. we are going to stop this on our public education. it's not acceptable. >> the small tent city follows the end of lakeview, which
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closed for good. >> we plan on staying here until something changes. >> lakeview is one of five oakland schools ordered shut down. the school blames money problems and declining enrollment. one school was spared. lazear elementary will become a charter school. >> although it's a tough decision it's one we need to make for the overall benefit of the school district. >> the final day of class brought out parents and children with a heartfelt connection to lakeview. >> >> i am going to miss it. i drive by and say that's a great school. and i want to be able to say that more often. >> we cared for each other's children, we would make sure that everyone had rides. you know, we had each other's backs and i think that's important. ♪ >> now protesters are having their say. the school district said it will allow them to stay for the time being. the protests settled down as the
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night wore on. it drew a wide array of demonstrators, including some familiar face from the occupy oakland protests. another rally is scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon. abc7 news. are. >> now to break news in san francisco's hunter's point district. look at video just in near a big construction site fire. this is doreen innes and evans. the fire was first reported just after 4:00 this morning. firefighters got it under control less than an hour ago, about 5:15 but they are still on the scene making sure it's not only knocked down but stays down and investigating how that started in the first place. we will bring you more details on this breaking story as more information becomes available throughout the morning. an alameda superior court judge accused of stealing his neighbor's money and then lying about it is scheduled to enter a plea next month. 57-year-old paul seeman got a taste yesterday what it is like to be the accused.
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they said he befriended his 97-year-old neighbor and quickly added his name to her bank and investment accounts. his lawyer brushed off reporters. >> i have no comments to make. we haven't had a chance to read the complaint or the amended complaint that we just received and have no comments beyond that at this time. >> those accounts seeman added his name to totaled more than $2 million. he was serving as judge as recently as thursday when he was arrested. coming up next, outrage and celebration, how president obama instantly changed the lives of thousands of people living here illegally and why some say he broke the law to do it. and a historic day in china as the country launches a rocket into space with its first female astronaut aboard.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> sometimes an election is against two similar candidates, but in egypt the opposite is true as they vote to replace mubarak. one candidate promises stability and another is a u.s. trained engineer who promises to bring the teaching of islam into the government.
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the winner will be just the fifth ruler to rule egypt since the overthrow many years ago. and people under age 16 will not be deported. it could affect about 800,000 children. >> let's be clear, this is not amnesty or immunity. this is not a path to citizenship. it's not a permanent fix. >> in one sweeping act, young illegal immigrants can stay as long as they have lived here continuously for the past five years or they are attending or have graduated from school, or have been honorably discharged from the military. the story does not end there. critics of the president's decision claim he acted illegally by side-stepping congress. we have reaction from san jose from both sides of the controversy. >> she just became a u.s. citizen last year.
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she was born in mexico and came to america with her parents when she was five. she graduated from san jose state in 2010 and is an active member of student advocates for higher education. >> the group is advocating for all students, regardless of legal status, to obtain a college degree. >> the organization held a scholarship fundraiser in san jose. it doubles as a party to celebrate president obama's announcement of less deportation enforcement for young, undocumented immigrants. >> these students have been here since their younger years, and they are going to college so they can go back to their communities. it's not like they are going to go back to their native land. they are from here and they want to stay here, help the community and not rely on social services, not rely on unemployment. >> republicans, however, are voicing their opposition, including mitt romney. >> the president's action makes reaching a long-term solution more difficult. >> the care of the california gop agrees.
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>> this could be more device i -- devicive in the long run and less helpful to the country than if he created consensus and passed a law. >> but she says it's a huge step in the right direction that might help him in re-election. >> he might pull a lot of latino votes because of this and if he is going to do more than this, hopefully it doesn't stop here and it will probably be beneficial to him. >> i did not and her who she was voting for, but she told me now that she's a citizen and she's very excited to vote in her first presidential election. abc7 news. >> new this morning, a rocket carrying three chinese astronauts is now on its way to china's space station and one of the crewmembers is china's first female astronaut. the capsule lifted off about 9:30 our time this morning about the edge of the the desert. the 34-year-old astronaut and counter parts are going to
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launch with the space station this year. this is china's third manned space mission. the first was back in 2003. back here at home state agencies say they have already identified eight times as many cases of west nile virus in mosquitoes this year compared to last. the first case was reported in early april. last year the first case didn't happen until late june. west nile has already been detected in california counties. the control experts say a warm, wet spring created a good environment for mosquitoes to thrive and reproduce. and control efforts are hampered by new pesticide rules. lisa will be here to talk about the mosquitoes and the weather the rest of us have to live it today. >> but in the city it should be nice. 70s. we have another festival, the juneteenth vest natural today and tomorrow so it should be
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nice looking weather here. take a look. you can already see the smog and ozone near the surface, hd emeryville this morning. it will get hot today. triple digits into the east bay. we will talk about all of that next. >> and tiger woods moves to the top of the u.s. open leaderboard, taking aim at his 15th major title. we have the highlights coming up in sports.
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>> lisa mentioned the 16th annual juneteenth festival at the african-american cultural details. >> you are the details. tell me more. >> near gary, 11:00 this morning, starts out today and tomorrow with a parade. it draws tens of thousands of people and it should be a heckuva party. >> and it should be really nice for that. marin county, though, getting kind of hot. san rafael for that art festival up by the civic center. here's a look from the peak. the sunset at 8:34. it was up at 5:47. 14 hours, 46 minutes ever day lights. you know, summer begins on wednesday. live doppler 7 hd is nice and guy. we can usually show you the high
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clouds, the low clouds but nothing on it. you see the live sweep on top of mount mount saint helena right now. we will be monitoring the air quality and the winds to the. 57 in antioch but 48 half moon day. quite a spread. 57 in mountain view. the next couple hours should be pretty nice but we warm quickly. 12 degrees warmer than yesterday in livermore at this time. warmer on the peninsula. 6 degrees warmer in napa, and we are watching for the winds this morning up in the north bay. but it's really kind. dicey, the visibility here in half moon bay. so with the poor air quality, a little bit of haze, some high clouds and fog, we have two and a half mile visibility half moon bay. it should be really nice at the coast. 10-mile visibility in oakland. so the winds have been blowing at about 1,000 feet at 15 to 20 miles an hour and some of the wind gusts could exceed 40 miles an hour. so the relative humidity not bad
6:21 am
right now, but those dry northerly winds really allowing the atmosphere to strip it of any moisture that we do have. lake county, sonoma, napa, marin county, the diablo range, east bay, it will get uncomfortable with 100 degrees today common around much of the east bay. high fire danger not only for the north bay hills. this is where the national weather service has issued that advisory, but especially in the east bay it's going to be one of the hottest days we've seen. but by tonight the southerly surge brings up the fog and it will be significantly cooler tomorrow. we talked about the spare the air, the ozone right at the surface and the temperatures today a good 30 to 35-degree spread from the upper 60s to near 70s, ocean beach inland. that's due to another area of high pressure bringing a few high clouds in, and increasing the compression natural heating. that allows for the warmup to happen quickly today.
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sod to soaring temperatures around the bay and inland, but as soon as the overnight hours occur, we will feel that breeze, opens will i in the north bay. take a look at the numbers statewide. the interior quite hot. around the bay todayed 2 in sunnyvale and milpitas. we are looking ated 1 menlo park. 70 half moon bay, mountain view in the 90s. 75 downtown. it should be nice in the city, but 101 around cloverdale, 94 vallejo. near east bay look for 81s from oakland to fremont, and look at the 100s here. pleasanton, brentwood, and town by the monterey bay, 99 in gilroy. one last look at the u.s. open. a pretty day here but we have the fog this morning. later on near 70, breezy here but the sea breeze will keep the numbers quite comfortable. then you notice the coolest day should be tuesday, warming back
6:23 am
up on wednesday. big changes for father's day. do you like it cooler? >> i like it hot. >> i knew that. stupid question. >> lisa, thanks a lot. >> dan hairston joins us from new york to tell us what is coming up at seven on "good morning america" and good morning to you, dan. >> good morning to you. coming up, this morning the president's bombshell decision saying hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants can live and work here in america just months before the election. conservatives questioning whether this choice is even legal. we will brake it all down for you. the latest coming up on the brawl between two of the biggest pop stars in music today. the post is reporting overnight drake could be arested for the violent fight with chris brown two nights ago. and an exchange student found dead after a concert and the teen who admitted to the crime. a church pianist behind bars this morning and why he said he did not mean to kill her. and we will give you an interview with the kardashian
6:24 am
clan. why kim said her 72 day old marriage made her older and wiser which she says about her new relationship with con yay west. i guess in 72 days you get a little bit older. >> and maybe a little bit wise he. >> you could probably get a lot wiser on some levels. you certainly can get a lot more famous and there's no question that happened. >> all right. dan, i look forward to that. that should be good. thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. have ga day. >> all right. in sports tiger woods tees off at 3:05 this afternoon in the third round of the u.s. open at the olympic club in san francisco. yesterday tiger wasn't the only one turning heads. it was the difficult second round. here's this morning's sports. >> >> good morning. it's not often a 17-year-old can steal some of tiger's thunder but that's what amateur beau hossler did yesterday at the second round of the open. the weather once again gorgeous. the 2003 open champ jim furyk takes the lead here.
6:25 am
he has a birdie here. he's 1 under. and david toms knocks down this birdie to an even par 70. first round leader michael thompson has dropped two strokes back. he double bogeys a par-4 12. thompson, 75. tiger had a string of three straight bogeys, but also made some great shots like this one. a 25-footer for birdie. tiger with a 70, has a share of the second-round lead. my favorite story had to be hossler. beau at one point had sole possession of the lead. at the next-to-last hole he chips in for birdie. he finished with a 73. he's just four off the pace. so at the halfway point it's o% tigers, toms and furyk sharing the lead. let's hear from tiger.
6:26 am
>> i think i'm in a good spot. right now i think i'm tied for the lead. i don't know what tomsy did, but i'm in a good spot and looking forward to it. going off late tomorrow so get some good rest. i know it takes a bit out of us, but sobeit. i would much rather being there than missing cuts or just making the cut. one ever the a's big signings in the offseason was veteran manny ramirez, but yesterday he asked for his release and was given it. he had been playing at triple-a sacramento and didn't think he was going to get called up anytime soon. >> and the a's were back at home to take on the padres. some nifty defense by san diego's yonder alonzo who makes the beautiful sliding catch. oakland jumped out to a big lead in the first. and josh reddick rips this ball down the right-field line. the a's take a 2-1 lead as reddick winds up with a triple. hot-hitting brandon moss went deep for the fourth straight game. this time a two-run blast. the a's score five times in the first and cruise to a 10-2
6:27 am
victory. the giants were in seattle. buster posey put his team on top with this solo shot in the second off jason vargas. melky cabrera also went deep. vogelsong pitched seven strong innings for his fourth win of the season. 4-2, the final. vogelsong struck out 6. he's now 5-0 in his last seven road starts. and that is sports for a saturday morning. i'm rick kwan. go out and have a great day! coming up next, a big day for graduates at santa clara university with a silicon valley legend delivering the commencement. >> i'm nannette miranda in sacramento. democrats avoid getting their pay docked by passing a state budget by the deadline but critics say it's incomplete and not balanced.
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nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. 100% natural ingredients like roasted peanuts, creamyeanut butter, and a rich dark chocolate flavor. plus, 10 grams of protein. so it's energy straight from nature to you. nature valley protein bars. >> welcome back. topping our news this half-hour in this morning's weekly address president obama continues to pressure congress to pass his package of jobs bills. some say they did it so their pay wouldn't be docked. capital correspondent nannette miranda has more from
6:31 am
sacramento. >> democrats passed an on-time budget using the powers given them under proposition 25 in 2010. no republican votes were necessary. by approving the main spending plan before the midnight deadline they get to keep their entire paycheck. although they deny lost wages was the motivator. >> did you act quickly because of the paycheck deadline? >> no. >> but technically the bill is incomplete. some cuts couldn't be voted on because the governor hasn't given his blessing. >> we acknowledge that we still have some more work to do in terms of negotiating with the governor. >> the governor and democratic leaders have yet to agree on how deeply to cut welfare, how many home care hours to take away from the elderly and disabled and whether to eliminate cal grants for students attending private colleges. there was a vigil held hoping that the governor will accept
6:32 am
less severe cuts. >> no, that's wrong. there's common sense here. you have to stop cutting from the poor. >> besides the incomplete budget the republicans point out it relies on $8.5 billion worth of new taxes and assumes voters will pass them. that vote is still more than four months away. >> if you think the voters are going to give you your tax increases come november and all you offer them is this sham, you are sadly out of touch. >> some lawmakers say a budget that's incomplete and relies on new taxes that may not come through should equal a dock in pay. >> the voter intent of prop 25 was on time, one that really balanced, and that if it wasn't so, that the legislators would lose pay. >> a judge ruled several weeks ago the state comptroller cannot be the sole determiner of whether a state budget is balanced so republicans called on governor brown to veto this budget. in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc7 news. >> the iconic cofounder of apple
6:33 am
will be the key speaker today at commencement ceremonies. he serves at chief scientist at fusion i.o. the graduating twelve of 2012 heard his words of wisdom at 8:30 this morning. the ceremonies will take place this morning. >> the hiv aids 5k race is this morning. eats put on the advocacy foundation. it's staffed by volunteers with 100 percent of donations going to help those service organizations. straight ahead, temp con kicks off in a bay area city that
6:34 am
hasn't been crazy about cannabis. right now let's take a live look outside. we've got santa cruz beach. that's going to be a great place to be today. lisa argen is going to tell you why in just a few minutes.
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>> hempcon is underway in san jose. the convention about all things hem and marion is happening.
6:37 am
abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains what's happening in a city that still wasn't warmed up to the idea of medical cannabis. >> you don't need to stick your nose in a jar to smell marijuana at hempcon. all you need to do is walk down the isles of venders selling potted plants and hemp filled cookies to get a smell. you do need a prescription from a doctor to get into this area, but don't worry, there are three doctors stationed out front and a line out the door to see them. of course, there's entertainment while you wait. >> henry hemp. >> henry hemp? >> yes. >> manning a booth of bongs, henry is pot personified. >> i'm launching my new henry hemp comic books. >> and, yes, he has superpowers. but henry hem and his friends are getting together in a city that just knocked down a bill on medical marion. san jose is still fighting over how to regulate the dispensaries or whether they should be allowed at all. >> this is a little sweeter. >> why? >> because it shows we aren't going to be pushed around and bullied. >> the city council voted to cap the number of pot clubs earlier this year and then backed down after opponents got enough
6:38 am
signatures to put it on the ballot. some wish city leaders wouldn't spend so much time on the fight. >> i think there are a lot more issues that should be focused on than preventing it from reaching the public. >> but pot had has a marketing problem. >> hempcon is happening next to a 17-and-under volleyball tournament. >> i understand there are concerns, but we are doing a good job of policing ourselves and making sure there's no problems between the two events. >> antique dealer chris jennings isn't the only one that told us the crowd seems bigger this year. >> i do think there are more people coming out that would not attend this five years ago, yeah. >> people who might perhaps vote in the next mayoral election? >> i think so for sure. >> in san jose, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> we've been talking about the warm weather and the haze out there. i deed, possibly coming from the hempcon convention if they are sampling down there right now. who knows.
6:39 am
weather-wise it's going to be hot in places in. >> yes. and that haze is not confined just to that camera. if you get outside you will notice the roof camera. the flag isn't blowing and usually we get that good mixing. we will talk about how stagnate the air is going to be and how hot it is going to get." that's all next. >> also next, it's the hottest ticket in town. but what do you do if you don't have a ticket to the u.s. open? next see what happened to abc7 news reporter wayne freedman when he found a back way in, or at least tried to. and the biscotti, a phone that uses your tv to make calls. michael finney test it had out. we will have the results of that
6:40 am
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>> 6:42. we are looking at a live picture from the sue draw camp. that's a gorgeous shot. aren't they all? it looks warmer. how can it look warm he, i don't know, but it looks warmer and it will be warmer and lisa argen will tell us how much warmer in just a little bit. >> it's billed as a tv phone, and just as the name implies you can use it to make telephone video calls from your television in high definition. mike finney found a way to put the tv phone to a test. >> this is the biscotti. it's named that because it looks kind of like the italian biscuit. you simply hook the 1.5-ounce device to the hdmi input on your tv. if you have a wi-fi connection you should be ready to go. we connected with the biscotti spokesman in dallas using the product. >> you can make biscotti calls
6:43 am
and you can make business scottie to google talk calls. >> this is the signal we received from a call made to biscotti to someone on google talk. it sells for $149. there are no monthly fees and domestic and international calls are free. >> we really feel like we were having a face-to-face visit. >> the voice quality in our call was clear but it had a hollow quality to it. the picture quality, crisp. we did experience some minor video breakup and voice interruption. >> push it back. >> but overall, the quality of the call was impressive. next we gave the discotty perhaps its biggest test ever. we attempted to call from the bay area to a remote region of afghanistan. >> i think it's going to be a challenge. it will be interesting to see how it goes. but we are up to the challenge. we will learn from it. >> i just knew that i loved him, and this is part of who he is.
6:44 am
>> the california army national guard introduced us to anderson marie mitchell, a newlywed wife of staff sergeant frank mitchell. he's deployed in afghanistan with the 2668 transportation company. the couple recently spent their first anniversary apart. >> you really miss him. it's just part of your life. they are just part of your life. you compliment each other. >> ann marie currently lives with her daughter, shelby, and longs for the day she'll see her husband. she said the skype signal from afghanistan is extremely poor so she jumped at this opportunity to biscotti with her husband. >> i was giddy with excitement and just thinking to have a clear picture of him and see him okay. >> now it's time for the call.
6:45 am
her husband knows nothing about this, but with the help of his company, we were set to surprise him. unfortunately the picture never stabilized. the call froze several times and disconnected. >> just like any other internet connection, it's only as good as the weakest link so if there is a wi-fi, a good wi-fi like there is in most residential environments, it will work fantastic. >> i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> well, the u.s. open in san francisco is the toughest ticket in town right now, assuming you can even find one. they are sold out. but is the average person really locked out? abc7 news reporter wayne freedman did a little poking around. >> the u.s. open is american golf's biggest digs, but without the proper paperwork it's pretty much a closed set. around the olympic club you will find a maze of barricades, fences, reroutings and rerouters. >> how does that left arm feel?
6:46 am
>> fine. >> what if a guy wanted to sneak in? >> you know what? i think that's impossible. >> oh, yeah? imagine living less than 100 yards away and getting to watch the u.s. open only after they route the pictures up into space and back. joseph thinks there's something wrong with that. he told us he has a solution. >> there's a leak in the security? >> there could be. >> so off we went. it's about two blocks up. seemed plausible after all a few years ago we caught up with bill clinton through a hole in the fence. now if we can beat the secret service, how tough could the united states golf association be? >> let's hope it makes it up the hill. >> in a parking lot next to the course some of the u.s. volunteers were nice enough to give us a lift through the first two gates. on the premises now, moving past the official cars, a lot of official cars, actually, no pun intended. then it got tougher. we saw plenty of openings, but
6:47 am
security posted even at the exits. >> how do we get past the rest? >> i have no idea. hi, how are you doing today? >> not good. just past the main entrance we saw others who perhaps had the same idea as us. >> can i come through here? >> no, you can't. >> through candlestick? >> no, have to go back through the checkpoint. >> in short, joseph hit the proverbial wall, a green wall, lots of green walls. >> i think this is the last stop for us. >> when we last saw joe, he was off to find another weak point. good luck. it may be easier to break out of jail than into the u.s. open. >> so close and yet so far if you live in the west lake section of daly city right next to the golf course. you are looking at the trees. you can see the olympic club from inside that house over there. the last time we spoke with joseph neil, he said he had two more days to meet his goal. from daly city, abc7 news.
6:48 am
>> we put our minds together at abc7 news to come up with ideas to you how to get into the u.s. open. one said wait for someone come out with a pass, get it from them and go in. one producer said climb a tree overnight and stay in that tree. or one said in a raft or something you can see some action from there. i'm not sure the raft is going to work but the climbing the tree sounds a little fun. >> yeah. way to go, shawn. all right. . heading outside now, there's a lot to talk about. we have something, pollutants close to the ground, spare the air. the view from mount tam and a pretty long, warm day out there. summer just a few days away. the sun was up at 5:47, an hour ago. we already have 70s, but it's cool at our coast. the live doppler shows us not only the rain but the low clouds. it's quiet this morning. not looking at any activity here but we will be looking closely at the temperatures, the wind,
6:49 am
the relative humidity. numbers mainly in the 50s except for half moon bay, 48 there and 75 antioch with 63 in livermore. we are 12 degrees warmer in the valley there. here's where we expect the warmest numbers at or above 100 degrees. but we are talking widespread 90s. nice day, though, at the beach. 2 1/2 mile visibility at half moon bay and 6 miles at the airport and novato. the haze is in the air and we are looking at not much wind burks what wind we do have coming from the wrong direction, allowing for critical fire weather in the north bay from lake county, sonoma county, napa, and marin. the higher elevations here, about 1,000 feet. look at the gusty winds the next couple hours. high fire danger. and also the diablo range with the extreme heat. cooling down quickly overnight. the fog staying out of the bay but he will feel the breeze. quite breezy this afternoon, as well. winds out of the northwest. the air quality hasn't been
6:50 am
great, and it's getting worse today obviously. so really try not to mow the lawn, barbecue. stay a look at this water vapor imagery. it really tells the story, aquist of low pressure in southern california. high pressure building into the north. with that we have the flow around the high, creating that offshore flow. you see the darker area here on our water vapor per imagery and that's the higher pressure allowing for the strongerdwinds and the upper elevations. the warm air today, that rapid warmup. but it is just a short-lived event. so we will look for the uncomfortable temperatures today around the bay, our inland valleys, but overnight tonight we cool off. father's day looking very comfortable. still above normal, though. and the sacramento, the san joaquin valley, once again, red flag warnings, high fire danger. 80s along the central coast and we are talking about a nice day at the u.s. open. 112th u.s. open with northwest
6:51 am
winds 5 to 15 miles an hour. temperatures from the mid-70 #* 70s in the cities to the mid-80s across the bay with plenty of upper 90 in the sonoma county. and the mid-and upper 90s into the santa rosa cleara valley. triple digits from livermore to watsonville 80. 82 saw lanai's, and 84 santa cruz. so if you are heading to the a's game, it will be warm and breezy out there. numbers in the 80s today. the coliseum will be warm but not as hot as places east of there with temperatures cooling back tomorrow. it should be a nice look day. more average weather for this time of year. summer begins on wednesday and still cooler toward the end of the week. >> down in los angeles today i know that's not what people are looking for, but what is it like down there? >> it should be in the 70s, no offshore flow there. >> that is good to know because it ties into our next story. a new theme park is underway in
6:52 am
disneyland today. did any is our parent company. it's cars land based on the pixar movie. here's don sanchez with the details. >> it's one wild ride. a visit to radiator springs where the cars come to live. >> we are getting a paint job on the car. >> you get a paint job and head out to the southwestern desert for a head-to-head race on banks turn. >> and they are inspired by the movie "cars." they are thinking about how they can bring that in. >> when the gates open the crowd headed for it. this couple waited overnight for 12 hours. >> it's adrenaline rush and it tells a story too. you see all the characters and go into it, it's incredible. >> how successful? three hours after opening there was a five hour wait. >> cars are a big part of california culture so it totally fits being in our particular park.
6:53 am
>> this was the parking lot. we converted it into this beautiful home. kind of ironic, another home for cars. >> it's an example of pixar animators working with disney image ineers. >> what's impressive is the detail. it's what walt disney did with the original descendents any land and that's what we strive to do here. >> the buildings here are evocative of buildings that were in los angeles. >> there's a replica of the theatre where snow white opened in 1937. walt's dream, realized. the new attraction part of a five year, $1 billion makeover. disney's ceo tells me how important theme parks are in the country. >> because what have parks are are, these big, iconic places that people can actually become part or emerse themselves in. >> and disney california adventure, don sanchez, abc news.
6:54 am
>> and coming up next, a daredevil high-wire stroll across the niagra falls. the latest wallenda to make history.
6:55 am
6:56 am
this morning a retired east bay high school teacher is on his way home after a frightening adventure. a whale nearly sunk his sailboat off the coast of mexico. take a look.
6:57 am
67-year-old max young, taught at antioch high school, he was baling water when this video was taken wednesday from the nose of an alameda coast guard c-130 plane. the whale broke the rudder and propeller, and there was a hole in the ship. he's going to be okay. wow. >> he did it! nik wallenda of the high-flying wallenda family walked across the knowing niagara falls on a two-in were tightrope last night in a megastunt you might have seen here on abc7. amazing dramatic pictures. well over 100,000 people at the falls watching in person as the 33-year-old daredevil became the first person to make the 1800-foot trip from new york to canada. you know, nik, you could have driven. it will be up next on "good morning america." what's going on around here? >> we still have a red flag warning in parts of the north
6:58 am
bay. and testimony be scorching today. triple digit heat in the east bay valley. 96, and the 9 make it in gilroy. a big cool down for father's day. happy father's day, terry. >> thank you very much. father's day eve. thanks for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter on the abc7 news area. and you con talk about it on
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